There’s a lot of misconception around Mothers and family law. Secret law courts, by their very nature, create an absence of clarity. Domestic violence, by its very nature, distorts reality. Domestic violence is to family law what council pavements are to injury lawyers – its bread and butter.

It’s important to remember this because it’s a well known but rarely accepted truth. Fathers run to family law to assert their rights as parents. Mothers turn to family law to protect their children’s rights. This is the general rule.

Of -course there are exceptions but these exceptions have many places to call home, many movements devoted to them, many books written about them. They are already punching above their weight in the whole safe-guarding our children debate and Mothers in Law will not countenance them.

The rule that Mothers and children seek protection from family law rarely gets air time because the exception – That fathers are unfairly disadvantaged as they fight off a barrage of always unfounded  allegations gets all the best time slots and repeat viewings.

Mothers in Law seeks to provide a counter narrative to the Men in Capes. It dares to ask questions other agencies should be asking like ‘How does shoving yourself into spandex and scaling a two storey house in any way negate your ex’s a.k.a. Mum’s concerns about your fitness to parent?’

Mothers in Laws knows of many family law groups that seek to be gender neutral. Mothers in Law makes no such claim laying the blame squarely at the doors of the patriarchy. The secret shut doors with the sign outside which reads ‘Patriarchs at work. No cameras or recording equipment allowed in the court room.’