The Lying Game

The first rule of family law club is everybody lies. The second rule of family law club is everybody lies. It will come as a huge surprise to those of you who don’t already know, but professionals lie. Every day. Their reasons for doing this are complex and varied, but there is always a common motivating factor. Because they can.

From the outside, with no apparent gain, it seems suspect.

Take G.P.’ s for example, what about the hippocratic oath? You know that’s just an oath right, as in it’s not legally binding. We ought not to forget G.P’s, at core, are just failed consultants, or surgeons, or specialists. In spite of the private education, and a season skiing’s worth of extra tuition, they were the ones that scraped into medical school and slogged their way through. Only to be turfed out into the every growing crisis that we call the N.H.S., and worked longer for less. Much like the rest of us, except they’re not like the rest of us. Even though they never made it to scrubs, or any place that might have made Daddy proud, they still enjoy an elevated status within the community. ‘Course these days everybody’s a doctor. Half a surgery is spent fielding so called advice, gleaned from online sights with dubious credentials. It’s hard enough being a G.P. without having to deal with an informed client base.

All in all, the G.P’s load is a heavy one. Is it any wonder so many tuck in to their own free samples? Is it any wonder mistakes are made ,as more and more people compete for the same dwindling resources? Is it any wonder concerns are overlooked and babies go unprotected? Is it any wonder they wind up lying, all the time? It’s a rarely discussed, but logical occupational hazard.

Health Visitors lie, and midwifes lie, and mental health practitioners lie, and nurses. Nurses lie as well. Before you go calling me out as a conspiracy theorist, and a real bad loser. Think about it. Busy people, stretched to breaking point, missing t-breaks and lunch breaks, and tax breaks they were promised. If a f**k up goes on record, then they also miss out on promotional opportunities, possible pay rises. And why? ‘Coz the government can’t get it’s s**t together and save the N.H.S. Once you’ve lied once, and established how plausible a course of action it is, if your back is against the wall, then you will lie again. And again.

So, to be clear, I’m not saying everyone attached to the N.H.S. is a pathological liar. That would be absurd. Equally absurd is the suggestion that they’re are not pathological liars in the N.H.S. And the really good ones, they stay there for life.

When I tell you that social workers lie, you won’t even feign surprise ‘coz everybody knows that. It’s a universally accepted truth, like Irish people have red hair, and everything sounds sexier in someone else’s accent. Social workers have to lie, how else could they continue to function as an organisation? We probably don’t realise how much they lie, or maybe we do, but it’s immaterial because it’s always someone else’s kids they are lying about.

The police lie. There’s been very few miscarriages of justice in the U.K. where police corruption, incompetence or malpractice hasn’t featured. The 34,247 complaint cases in 2016 received by The Independent Police Complaints Commission are an indication that a large number of British citizens have concerns about aspects of police work. Like the N.H.S., the police find themselves under intense pressure to produce results, with less material means to do so. Such a culture encourages putting the bulk of resources into cases most likely to have a speedy, tangible outcome. In a nutshell, shoplifters are cheaper and easier to prosecute than paedophile rings.

I don’t want to go on record as calling all lawyers liars, because they could sue and that’s a lot of lawsuits. I want instead to ask those of you, who have used a lawyer, at any point in your life, to recall the experience. How many of you will remember an instinctive lack of trust? That’s caused by the language barrier. They speak law. We don’t. The relationship requires more trust in their professionalism than the trust we place in our baker or electrician. That’s why those of us who can afford to, hire the best lawyers. We trust if we’re paying them enough, they will be on our side. If they are not, they are better placed than any other body mentioned in this blog to cover their tracks.

All of these different professions converge around family law. If we are prepared to accept that based on the law of averages all of these organisations have bad apples, lazy apples and down right incompetent apples among their ranks, then the conspiracy theorists who suggest that the family courts steal women’s babies and give them to violent men and paedophiles don’t sound quite so crazy. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, what sorry state might we see if we pulled back the screen of professional protection that masquerades as child protection? If they have nothing to hide, then why do they go to such extra-ordinary lengths to hide it?




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